Inovix BlueTooth MP3 player (iMP-BT300)

iMP-BT300 is a unique MP3 player combines MP3 player, Bluetooth Headset (mobile handsfree kit), USB to Bluetooch adapter, voice Recorder, telephone recorder, pendrive (portable hard drive) into one compact machine less than the size of a credit card!

With the Inovix iMP-BT300 Bluetooth MP3 Player you can enjoy hands free connection to Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Listen to your favourite tunes in stereo safe in the knowledge that you will never miss a call. Once your mobile rings the music fades and your ring tone can be heard through the headset allowing you to answer the call. As you complete the call you are automatically returned to your favourite music without missing a note!

Afraid of losing that thought or missing important information? Do you carry a Dictaphone? The voice recorder function will record over 3 hr of speech! This is absolutely perfect for those people who need to record notes and thoughts whilst on the move.

The iMP-BT300 also works as a USB Drive that allows you to transfer data from your PC via the USB connection. Using the Bluetooth adapter facility the iMP-BT300 allows you to transfer information from Bluetooth devices to computers without Bluetooth port.

iMP-BT300 Bluetooth MP3 player 128 MB: 51.05 (59.98 inc VAT)
iMP-BT300 Bluetooth MP3 player 256 MB: 68.07 (79.98 inc VAT)


Key Features

  • Multi-functional MP3 player, also play WAV
  • BlueTooth headset for mobile phones (mobile handfree kit)
  • USB to BlueTooth adapter, add BlueTooth port to your computer, enjoy wireless connections
  • Digital recorder, record voice (via builtin Mic) and phone (when used as BlueTooth headset)
  • 128 / 256 MB built-in flash memory
  • Shining stainless steel finish
  • LCD display with blue backlight
  • 7 EQ mode: Nor, Roc, Jaz, Cla, Pop, User (Bass / Tremble)
  • Compact size: 7.3 x 3.8 x 1.9 cm (less than the size of a credit card)

Accessories included

  • 1 x headphone
  • 1 x User Manual and 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Driver CD / User Guide
  • 1 x AAA alkaline battery

System Requirement

If you want to download / upload file from computer or as Bluetooth adapter for your computer, then please make sure your computer meets the following minimum requirement:

  1. Operation system: Windows 98, 98 se, ME, 2000, & XP
  2. Pentium II 200 or above
  3. USB port and CD-ROM drive
  4. Minimum 60 MB free hard drive space & 64 MB RAM

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