MP3 player FM radio DVR USB storage (model M31) reviews

1. MP3 player and intelligent digital voice recorder by Dr David Richardson on 10 Mar 2003

I purchased your M31 MP3 player last week just before I went for my job interview. I set MP3 player to record mode just before I enter the meeting room. I waited a little bit longer and I was worried that the battery or the memory may run out before the interview finished. The interview lasted two hours and I was a little bit exhausted, I forget the the record mode was on till I get into my car. Then I take out the MP3 player and try to listen what was recorded, to my surprise, the voices was recorded in a few pieces as "message 1" "message 2 ..", so although the interview lasted so long, the battery is still working and there are still plenty of memory available.

I am really extremely happy with this products.




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